Sunday, March 28, 2010

Out of Office

Well, I'm finally off to Australia: a country I've wanted to visit since I was a child. With evolutionary biologist and solid pal Ben Vernot, I'll be traveling from there to Mumbai, India in April to visit my old cohort, Ally Reeves, then up to Delhi and back over to Sydney for another spell. I'm back in the States in early May to pack up Justseeds Distro HQ in Portland and drive it (with Mary Tremonte) across the country to our new digs in Pittsburgh! I'll try to post while I'm away, but please forgive me in advance for any lulls in communication... Likely I'll be posting photos throughout the trip on my Flickr stream.

When I return, the "Firebrands" book should be fresh from the printer, I'll know the verdict on the Puffin grant for the penny smasher project, I'll be figuring the details on running Justseeds distro HQ from it's new home, and I'll be starting work on a new (and my first) film! I'm looking at overhauling my website too, whenever the time and inspiration conspire to motivate me in the coming months.

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Ann W said...

Australia has always been my childhood dream as well! I'm going to make it happen sometime soon, and I'm sure I'll come back with thousands of pictures of plants, animals, insects, etc. Plant and Garden Blog