Friday, October 2, 2009

Book Draft Finished!

If all is going as planned, then as you are reading this I am en route to visit some old friends in North Carolina and then to hit the beaches of the Outer Banks for some straight up vacation time after finally turning in the first draft of the book I am writing/editing for Justseeds. This book saw me researching and writing for the better half of the summer, with little time for other projects (hence a lack in posts), and it's a real relief to get a workable draft to Microcosm and walk out the door to a whole lot of doing nothing in particular for a country minute. Looks like the book will be titled "Firebrands: Portraits from the Americas" - it is essentially an illustrated primer of radicals from the Americas for a "young adult" audience. Comes out some time next year, but at the moment I couldn't tell you exactly when (in time for Christmas 2010, I hope...) My accomplice in the book is fellow Justseeder Bec Young, recently transplanted to Pittsburgh by way of Detroit. The pic above is my work station at home - this is what my world has looked like for the last three months or so, and the garden has suffered some as a result. It's been an adventure, if you're into that sort of thing (I am). My head is filled with so many stories...

One addition I did manage to make to the blog is a nifty little badge on the right hand side from our friends at you can enter in your zip code and see just how connected you are to mountaintop removal coal mining, in case you were somehow feeling comfortable about where you probably get your electricity. Give it a shot, visit their website, and spread the word. We just might stop the bastards yet.

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