Saturday, March 12, 2011


[studio before cleaning]

Cleaning out the studio space I use in our house's basement felt a lot like clearing out one thousand cobwebs from my brain - I recognize how cliché that sounds, but the whole thing amounted to a real mental overhaul. There were literal cobwebs and mutated dust bunnies all over the basement to shopvac, combined with the fractured remnants of unrealized ideas, scratched up CD's and unlabeled cassettes, and a ton of junk I never should have kept but figured I'd need, you know, some day. I probably hadn't done any real work down there on a project in 2+ years, and it took me a country minute to finish the whole studio cleaning/rearranging scheme, truly indicative of a larger process of rejuvenating myself and encouraging space in which to start tinkering again (tinkering which will hopefully lead to some things being made). I feel better already. Now to start making a productive mess of the place...

[studio after cleaning]

[tools all hyper-organized on zen-inducing pegboard]

[notes for long-overdue projects]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i may have left some fabulous "fresh meadow" green paint there, it would match your note boards!

looks amazing.