Saturday, January 22, 2011


On my first day in Mumbai last April, I managed to squeeze out an odd list of current influences on my practice in my notebook. I think being completely un-moored from anything familiar (besides my travel buddies) caused some inner searching. I'm told this happens. At any rate, this past year has seen a lot more reflection than production, and it's been nice to have the book out so that it looks like I've been busier than I really feel. I thought it would be interesting (and something of an exercise for myself) to post that list here.

A list of themes relevant to current ideas in my work:

- Euro-American frontier mythology
- coyotes, trickster characters in culture
- fear of the Wilderness
- fear of being eaten by animals
- apex predators as keystone species
- anarchist theory and influence on US culture (or lack thereof)
- punk aesthetic (co-opted and non)
- cowboy aesthetic in fashion (see "frontier mythology" above)
- American game-hunting culture
- subterfuge
- municipal signage, including "DIY" or citizens' signage
- historical markers and monuments
- interactive maps
- pickup trucks
- Calvin & Hobbes (see "subterfuge" above)
- animal sexuality in mythology and biology
- perceived authority of signage (see "municipal signage" above)
- MST3K/Science Fiction films
- propaganda/image-based power dynamics
- bicycles
- composting with worms

I also have a design in Perspectives on Anarchist Theory v.12 no.2, a regular publication of the Institute for Anarchist Studies. Josh MacPhee designs the journal now, and interspersed selections from the Justseeds RESOURCED portfolio in this issue of writings on climate change. You can get a copy of Perspectives here.

Additionally, I did the illustration for the December page of the 2011 Justseeds/AK Press/Eberhardt Publishing "WORK" calender. Josh designed this calender too, and it sure is a handsome thing on a wall. Pick it up here.


rachel ann said...

i like this

chickpealady said...

i like this too. and lists in general.
we have more than a few of these themes in common! time to finish that swamp darling