Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Working in Winter

Things have been somewhat slow lately and there's not much to post about, but I gathered a few points up so it doesn't look like I'm just hibernating:

- it's (almost) official: Justseeds is moving our distribution headquarters from Portland to Pittsburgh, so I'll be taking on some new roles in the cooperative, to be determined.

- a review I wrote for the Justseeds blog regarding the Shepard Fairey exhibition at the Warhol Museum this fall was just printed up in the Nor'easter, a publication of the Northeastern Anarchist Federation.

- fingers crossed on a recent grant application to get funds to make the penny smasher project come to life. I've applied with friend and collaborator Stuart Anderson and would be happily working with Pittsburgh illustrator Bill Yund.

- for the first two weeks of February, I will be in a residency program at AS220 in Providence. I'm going to focus on letterpress, every day and nothing but! I'll be doing a presentation about progressive and alternative historical markers at their performance space on Wednesday, February 10.

- I've entered in all of the Howling Mob Society markers into my favorite new website, the Historical Marker Database! This site makes me want to hunt down more of the good ones out there...

- finished almost all the copyediting for the book, which is going to be called Firebrands: Portraits from the Americas and should be published in the late spring (no exact date yet and we're still working on the cover design and layout).

- this April I plan to head off to Mumbai, India to visit longtime friend and cohort Ally Reeves, who's currently there working under a Fulbright scholarship. Then off to Sydney, Australia. Very excited about this...

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