Monday, June 1, 2009

Tour Dates with Bill Daniel

Here's the schedule for the tour I'm headed out on with Bill Daniel. We'll be showing Bill's film "Who is Bozo Texino?", as well as putting up a couple shows of Bill's work along the way. I'll be opening for the film with a short presentation about a couple of current projects of mine. Hopefully I won't take any photos like the one above... although that is the tour van.

June 5 -> St. Louis, MO - Cranky Yellow
June 6 -> St. Louis, MO - Black Bear Bakery
June 7-9 -> Dallas, then Austin, then back to Dallas... (that's in Texas, no gigs there)
June 10 -> Shreveport, LA - Danzell House (? house show ?)
June 11-12 -> Little Rock, AK - Chaulk Legends @ Arkansas Community Arts Cooperative (w/ Buz Blurr aka Colossus of Roads)
June 13 -> Nashville, TN - Little Hamilton Collective / Firebrand Infoshop
June 14 -> Knoxville, TN ?

I'm also excited to bring along my newly revived 1970(?) Polaroid Land Camera 420 and a slew of Fuji compatible film I just ordered. It's been a country minute since I've been serious about (and able to take) Polaroids, and what better time than on a roadtrip... and what better way than with an out-of-date film format? Onward!

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rachel ding said...

Here is your task:

Take a picture of something great with that camera on June 13, my birthday, and then give it to me when you come back. It will make up for the fact that you won't be here for my birthday! Ahem.