Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stamp by bUZ bLURR

While on tour with Bill Daniel earlier this month, I had the pleasure of spending a couple of (hot and humid) days in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Arkansas Community Arts Center (ACAC). Bill did a two-night show with bUZ bLURR (aka Colossus of Roads) - the walls at the ACAC were filled with Bill's Texas punk photos and bUZ's stencil portraits (see below). I had a chance to chat with bUZ a bit on the second day about why he started doing mail art, when he got involved in the railroad, and how he turned Tav Falco on to Jack Kerouac books in high school growing up in Gurdy, AR. bUZ takes close-up flash photos of people and turns them into intricate papercuts, and many of these eventually become postage stamps. Today I was excited to get a stamp in the mail from bUZ taken from a photo he took of me in Little Rock!

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Cary Jenkins said...

That was a cool show. It was great to meet you, Bill and Buz. Let us know if you ever come through Arkansas again!