Friday, May 2, 2008

First Morel Hunt = Success!

Maybe it's a stretch that this relates in any way to what I consider my artistic practice, and maybe I'm just bragging a little bit... but last weekend I went on my first morel-specific hunt and turned up all of these little guys under one slippery elm. Beginner's luck? The foray takes place once a year in Mingo Creek State Park in Washington County, organized by the Western PA Mushroom Club - of which I am a proud, albeit green member.


T said...

man i ain't ever been able to get sand out of those things...T-Claw

natasha said...

To remove sand from fungi or anything else best-not-washed (eg strawberries) I find that using a soft make-up/lens brush works pretty well. (In the case of morels you may need to cut them in half to brush inside.)
Alternatively, just don't allow your teeth to quite meet when chewing!