Friday, April 25, 2008

Clip Art for the Rev!

Reproduce and Revolt (Soft Skull Press), a book collaboration between Josh MacPhee and Favianna Rodriguez, is finally available!

I have a handful of images reproduced in here, and I'm really excited by how this project finally came together. The premise of this bilingual book is that many social justice groups tend to lack interesting graphics for their posters, outreach materials, etc. Operating from this experience, Josh and Favianna have been working for the last three years to compile royalty-free, copyright free images from artists all over the world, to be bound into what amounts to an amazing collection of resistance clip-art. (I hope the term "clip art" doesn't downplay how well-done, and directly useful, this book really is...) From the introduction:

"What you hold in your hands is a toolbox: a massive
collection of contemporary political graphics for you to use. Every single image compiled here is intended to be reprinted and reused by activists, organizers, artists and designers committed to social justice and a radical restructuring of our society. So, don't just flip through these pages; throw them on the photocopier or scanner, crack the spine. If there's one book in your collection where the pages should be falling out, this is it!"


Kaldari said...

Surprised they haven't put the contents of the book online. Would certainly make the "reproduce" part easier.

Shaun Slifer said...

They may have an online component in the works, actually. I'll ask...