Monday, December 22, 2014

We're Selling a Few Smashed Pennies...

For a limited time, Stuart Anderson and I are selling one of the designs we've been churning out of our working prototype penny smasher! This one is a catch-all inspirational message, sort of our answer to the plethora of Lord's Prayer pennies common at interstate rest stops.

collaborative cranking at Bill Daniel's Tri-X Noise opening (Babyland, Pittsburgh)
We're still touring the prototype around to various local events, providing a free, hands-on smashing for anyone who wants to, and working out a lot of kinks in the process. This winter/spring Stuart is in San Fransisco at a residency at Autodesk, where he's hammering out the engineering for our bigger project (read more about that here).

You can get these pennies over at the Justseeds store here. You've got two options: for a few extra bucks, you can get this penny drilled, with a jump ring attached, for wearing proudly upon the body (chain not included). Or you can get it straight up, with no hole, for carrying daily in the pocket.
penny in the rollers, w/die

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