Sunday, November 20, 2011

New projects in motion...

Back for a month now from a five-week stint around Europe, and working on getting some new projects underway:

- look out for a street sign project with collaborator Jerstin Crosby that I keep chuckling to myself about, photos (and a website) forthcoming.

- initiated a new collaboration with recent Portland-to-Pittsburgh transplant Tesar Freeman. Venue is 707 Penn gallery in downtown Pittsburgh this upcoming June 2012; theme is American history, loosely defined at the moment. Right now we're using Tumblr to banter about all sorts of ideas and imagery almost daily, and you're more than welcome to have a look (and follow us) here.

- right before leaving town, the 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial opened it's second wave at the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon and the Andy Warhol Museum. I took an organizational role in seeing the Justseeds installation through over at the Miller, with the help of Mary Tremonte and Bec Young (and quite a bit from the aforementioned Tesar Freeman in his capacity as exhibition coordinator at the Miller). Seventeen Justseeds folks participated in this project - we built an indoor landscape of fluorescent-lit billboards, and you can see some in-progress photos here and the finished work here. The Biennial at the Miller was curated by Astria Suparak.

- while in Europe, I worked with 13 Justseeds collaborators (and more friends and cohorts) on an installation for the 29th Graphics Biennial in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Justseeds won the Gran Prix in 2009, resulting in our 2011 invitation to do an installation at Alkatraz Gallery at Metelkova. There's a whole mess of images from the installation here. After Slovenia, I eventually ended up in Copenhagen, where Mary Tremonte and I (while graciously hosted by Bonnie Fortune and Brett Bloom) put on a Justseeds: Resourced Portfolio exhibit/presentation at YNKB, and also managed to slip out of town for presentations at schools in Odenske and Holbæk (thanks to Jakob Jakobson and Nis Rømer).

- other travel photos for the curious can be found here...

- and I'm back at editing video again, currently plugging away at a reworking of the scene in Old Yeller where Yeller and the Wolf battle to the death. Stay tuned.

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