Thursday, November 13, 2008

... Returned from the Justseeds Planning Retreat!

This past weekend was spent in Milwaukee at our annual planning retreat for the Justseeds radical artists' cooperative. I left more inspired than ever about the projects I'm working on with these folks in 2009! I will be co-editing a book with Bec Young on Microcosm Publishing this coming year, sort of a primer on radical historical personalities with illustrations by folks from the collective. More on that soon...

Pictured: (top, L to R) Molly Fair, Erik Ruin, Nicolas Lampert, Roger Peet, Pete Yahnke, Kristine Virsis, Bec Young, Kevin Caplicki
(bottom, L to R) Icky A, Mary Mack Tremonte, Colin Matthes, Dylan Miner, Josh Macphee, and myself

Not Pictured: Meredith Stern, Chris Stain, and Swoon

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