Friday, July 11, 2008

Justseeds 1026 Opening a Hit

The Justseeds opening at the impressive artist-run Space 1026 in downtown Philadelphia went well last Friday - despite the fact that it was July 4th, it was raining, and the bathroom at the place was out of commission. We didn't even have free beer and we still packed the place (although we did have a crazy beautiful and satisfying food spread by local artist/puppeteer Morgan Andrews)!

The installation of the show was the largest group collaboration of Justseeds yet - ten of us worked on this show, and it was a trail in group dynamics and a learning experience for all of us. The results, I believe, came off really well. Besides the opening, Erik Ruin (our "sole Philly proxy", as dubbed by the local weekly there) has schedule a bunch of events to bring more traffic into the space.

I didn't take many shots of the show since everyone else had a camera - some great in-progress photos are posted on the Justseeds blog here and here, and Colin Matthes has posted some other pics here.

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