Saturday, May 17, 2008

Directory Action goes online!

Last year I designed and hand printed a letterpress-and-rubberstamp cover for the newest incarnation of Directory Action, a Pittsburgh grassroots resource guide. This month the guide went online!

Directory Action is particularly close to my heart. When I first came to Pittsburgh, it seemed like everyone I knew had copies of this amazing organizing and informational tool sitting by their phones... kind of a social justice Yellow Pages in a zine format. It meant a lot to me when friends asked me to do the new covers last fall. Jude Vachon set up DA's online presence - she's also responsible for organizing the similarly indispensable Be Well! guide to health care for the uninsured - another amazing resource zine with an online presence, and another reason I've handed my heart over to this city...

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feesta said...

one of my prof's friends, Heath Bunting, presented a booklet as an atlas to life. it mapped out how to do basic tasks for people who are not knowledgable or experienced navigating societies structures. this included what the minimal requirements to get an ID or bank account, a new name, new identity (I guess legal in the UK), etc.

he has a ton of work on his website. he has been banned from the US for being a bioterrorist. he passed around a packet of genetically modified seeds that if we planted, the seeds would cross-pollinate and create a 'super' strain of weed that is immune to all current herbicides. I think you may like some of his work.